Industry Working Group


The mission of the Industry Working Group is to facilitate communication between industry members (including aquaculturists and fishermen) and the NECAN Steering Committee to help determine what concerns industry members may have and to assess what role, if any, acidification might play with regard to current and anticipated challenges for the region. 

Industry Working Group Chairs

  • Gabriela Bradt, University of New Hampshire / New Hampshire Sea Grant
  • Linas Kenter, University of New Hampshire / New Hampshire Sea Grant

Industry Working Group Members

  • Lisa Bourassa, Aquaculture Research Corporation
  • Laura Carvalho Morris, Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia
  • Shawna Chamberlin, Rutgers University
  • Thierry Chopin, University of New Brunswick
  • Steve Malinowski, Fishers Island Oyster Farm
  • Jason Masters
  • Dana Morse, UMaine Cooperative Extension / Maine Sea Grant
  • Hannah Pearson, Island Creek Oysters
  • Joshua Reitsma, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension / Woods Hole Sea Grant
  • Meredith White

Industry Resources

Impacts of Ocean and Coastal Acidification and Industry Needs

Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Economically and Ecologically Valuable Marine Species in the Gulf of Maine

Two Page Summary of the 2018 Industry Survey Report 2018 Industry Survey


VOCAL Project - A collaboration between Sea Grant programs in the North Atlantic, the NOAA North Atlantic Regional Team (NART), NERACOOS, and NECAN

Visualizing Ocean and Coastal Acidification Locally


Visualizing Ocean and Coastal Acidification Locally

New England

Visualizing Ocean and Coastal Acidification Locally



Collaborating and Connecting

Sea Grant Webinar Series

This webinar series from 2019 highlights four projects funded through NOAA Sea Grant following the publication of the 2015 NECAN paper "Ocean and Coastal Acidification off New England and Nova Scotia."

Industry Webinar Series

In 2018 NECAN hosted a series of six webinars presented by experts within the fishing and aquaculture industries as well as research instituions on the impacts of ocean and coastal acidification within these sectors. 

Ocean Acidification Information Exchange

The OAIE is an online community for professionals involved with or interested in ocean and coastal acidification. 


If you have any questions about the NECAN Industry Working Group or would like to receive information on how to become more involved, please contact the NECAN Coordinator, Emily Silva, at